For now both servers are offline.  Due to the massive destruction of the game by Studio Wildcard with their horrid Flyer Nerf which has made the game virtually unplayable on PvE servers.

In the event this nerf becomes something private servers can turn off or if a good mod without bugs becomes available to reverse this. I may restart the servers.   But for now.  they will remain off.

Welcome to the Ark:Survival Evolved Server.

The Ark: Survival Evolved Server has been running for a little over a year on and off.   It is hosted on a Dell Poweredge 1950 Blade Server, with a Quad Core Intel Xeon X5365 3.0Ghz CPU,  32GB of DDR2 Server Parity RAM and Oodles of HDD space. Located in my Home Office in Central PA,  it is also my file server, and domain controller and yes occasionally I need to reboot it or do maintenance,  so up time is not 100%.  I am currently running Comcast High Speed Internet with a connection speed of 200Mbps Down and 15Mbps Up.  more than enough to make connection and Play super fast and lag free for up to 25 players.

Servers are open, password free and there for everyone to use free of charge,  If you would like to donate to server upkeep to help me pay for the electricity or my internet connection to keep it turned on then you may do so at the link at the bottom of this page.

Currently there are 2 servers live.  TheIsland and Scorched Earth.   Both are PVE, set to offer 5x XP, 7x Harvest yield and training is set to 10x Normal speed.  Egg Hatch and Baby Mature speeds are boosted.

Both servers are limited to 5000 Tamed Dino’s per server,  4000 structures in view and 75 structures per Platform.

Mods On the Server:

The following Mods are currently in use on the server, if you do not have these installed they will download when you connect for the first time.  If you visit the information page and click subscribe the mods will be downloaded and updated automatically each time you open Ark

Structures Plus  –  Mod Information Here
Pet Finder  –  Mod Information Here
Death Helper  –  Mod Information Here
Resource Stacks – Mod Information Here
Resource Stacks Scorched Earth – SE Server Only  Mod Information Here


Be Aware I cannot be online or available all the time.  I work a 40 hr/week job and run a small web hosting business (Hosting/developing this site and others) as well as having a family life at home.  If there is an issue with the server or you have a problem I need to look at, please email me here, or hit me up when i’m online.

Feel free to add me on my Steam User ID “Sneekers O’Toole”

Current Server Rules

  • Keep your chosen Character and Tribe Names Clean.  Names deemed inappropriate by the admin will be force changed and you may lose buildings or property if they can’t be altered in game.
  • Respect the Admin AKA Me.   My Screen Name is Sneeks,  I am the leader of the Tribe of God (TheIsland) and the Tribe of the Beast (Scorched Earth).  I am an 41 y/o male, not a child.  Disrespecting me, calling me silly names,  treating me like I am child etc.  will result in your in game death and Confiscation of all your stuff so you have to start again.  i may even demote you to lvl 1 if I’m in a bad mood.  so Watch out.
  • Respect all members of my Tribe,  they are my personal real world friends, disrespecting them will not be tolerated,  see rule 2 for possible punishments.
  • Respect each other (to a point).  Banter between players on the group chat is permitted, Light cursing and swearing is fine,  use of common slag is fine,  racial or sexual slurs are not.Stay off the in game local voice chat unless you have something to say.  No one wants to hear you waffling nonsense or howling abuse at them.
  • No you or your tribe do not control a mountain/the swamp/that area where all the big dino’s spawn,  the resources are there for everyone to gather and use as they need.
  • Do not erect building’s at resource rich area’s (top of mountains etc.)  This prevents those resources from re-spawning once they have been gathered,  and any buildings will be removed upon discovery.
  • No I will not spawn you a dino you really want, or despawn the Giganotosaurus that keeps killing you,  or cheat you something you need.   Find and collect it like the rest of us do.
  • If you block a river or stop another tribe from using a path etc, the blockage will be removed.   Be respectful and think how you would feel if they did it to you.

Follow these basic rules and have fun.  Any Questions hit me up in game when I’m on, or send me an email


Donating to server upkeep is your choice and is in no way required to use the server,  Whilst I am happy to accept anything you want to give you are not required to do so nor do I expect you to nor will i ever ask you to.  I run this server because I want to play in a friendly and welcoming environment and the only way to guarantee that is to have my own environment to play in.   Donating will not garner you any in game privileges,  the rules still apply to you,  and you are not guaranteed an open slot to play if the server is full.